Brave Sword 1650 L

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The evenly balanced Brave Sword 1650 Light delivers superb speed and power in a lighter frame.

Victor Brave Sword 1650 Light brings the legendary feel of the Brave Sword range into a manoeuvrable and powerful racket. Together with the even balance and a medium flex shaft, this racket offers power and speed thanks to Victor’s SWORD frame, which reduces air resistance and cuts through the air. This offers players additional speed on their shots, enabling you to deliver strong overhead clears, finish quickly at the net and dominate quick, attacking rallies.

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The Brave Sword 1650 Light is stiffer than the Brave Sword 1750 Light, giving players more control.

  • Weight: 5U
  • Gripsize: G6
  • Balance: HH ○○●○○ HL
  • Flex: S ○●○○○ F
  • Recommended Stringing Tension: 19-22 lbs
  • Frame Material : Graphite + Resin
  • Shaft Material: Graphite + Resin + 7.0 shaft
  • VICTOR Technology: SWORD.


VICTOR Technology

SWORD: This diamond-shaped design cuts through the air like a sword. It significantly reduces air resistance and provides a faster swing speed.

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