Hyper Nano X 30

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A smooth racket that benefits from an aerodynamic frame and flexible shaft, making it perfect for a fast and dynamic playing style. In combination with the even balance, this racket excels in both attack and defense simultaneously.

This super lightweight racket enables exceptionally fast swing speed for easy counter-attacking and mid-court encounters. Brand new carbon material, TORAYCA PREPREG, in the shaft signifiantly reduces the weight while improving stiffness and stability, providing excellent feedback on every shot.


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Material: Graphite + Resin
Headshape: isometric Weight: abt. 92 g (3U)
Grip size: G2 = G5 (medium) Balance: HH Balance HL
Stiffness: S Stiffness F Max. String Ten.: abt. 11 kg
String: unstrung Holes: 76
Extra: Aero Diamond, 6.8 Shaft Bag: fullsize thermobag
Length: 673 mm

All badminton racket details with string and grip.

The Hypernano X Series provides maximum accuracy in attack and offers exceptional control that enables easy shifting between defense and attack. Combining the latest racket technology and innovative materials, the Hypernano X Series features a slimmer shaft for enhanced handling while maintaining balance and stabilizing anti-torque.

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