N 7 II

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Li-Ning Ultra Sharp

Keep control of the exchange with the Li-Ning Ultra Sharp racket series. The frames that make up this range offer a light weight in hand for more maneuverability and a little balance for reactivity. They allow to easily regain the ascendancy in the exchange to go to score the point after a rally built.


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Racquet profile Expert – Offensive
String Yes You can choose the default string
Cover provided Yes – Classic Integral
Weight Interval 3U (85g – 89g)
Average weight 87g (± 2g)
Flexibility Medium Stiff
Balance Point 295 mm ( Slight Head Heavy )
Length 675 mm
Grip size 2
Composition 100% carbon fiber (military grade)
Frame technology Turbocharging Technology, Aerotec-Beam System, Dynamic-Optimum Frame, HDF Shock Absorption System, TB Nano Powertec and Stabilized Torsion Angle
Composition of the shaft Bio-Inner Cone, UHB shaft
Origin China


Offer yourself the racket of a discipline champion in the person of Zhang Nan with the Li-Ning Turbocharging N7-II ! Equipped with a rigid / head-up profile on the offensive, this frame is also equipped with a technological arsenal that will not fail to convince the player with a game based on the attack. 

The Li-Ning badminton racquet is equipped with Turbocharging technology, which includes a more aerodynamic frame geometry, which results in an increase in the speed of the striking down to 3.5% superior! In addition, the Aerotec-Beam system complements to minimize the air resistance of the racquet head, But also to solidify it, while reducing the fatigue generated by your shots so you can make a difference during your matches. 

The Dynamic-Optimum Frame extends the sweet-spot of the string design to give you great tolerance and ease of handling. For a perfect striking length, the Bio-Inner Cone adds superior flexibility to the shaft without any loss of control during the exchange.

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