Rocks 530

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Rocks 530 is very good racket for club players. It is very well constructed racquet with lot of technology involded. It provides excellent quality at reasonable price.

Strung with Li Ning Ns 95 Strings

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LI NING TECHNICAL SERIES ROCKS 530 FEATURES: “H”DF (High Density Foam) : Shock Absorption High tech and light weight shock absorption materials fill racket head cavities Lightweight, high-tech shock absorption materials within racquet frames that minimizes arm strain at impact.

HIGH TENSILE SLIM SHAFT: The 0.7mm top slim shaft design provides extreme strength and easier free control. ULTRA-CARBON: Made of ultra strong material, the racquet has optimum rigidity to bear higher tension for exact and steady strokes. Made of rigid carbon fibers allowing for higher string tension. Risk of frame deformation is also minimized.

AEROTEC-BEAM SYSTEM: Aerodynamic design with low air resistance and high tensile strength.

ISOMETRIC HEAD: Extends sweet spot area.

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